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Mission - Recent Trips to Nepal

2015 Earthquake relief efforts ongoing - Updates on News and Main page

School Uniforms being delievered to the Principal - July 2014

Nickels For Nepal provides scholarship funds for Bidnot Gaire (above left) to attend Kavya School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Keko is his head teacher (above right).

Our gallery page shows the first delivery of school materials delivered by teachers from Kathmandu, Nepal to the remote village school children.

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Students from Kavya School, Kathmandu, Nepal and some students from Golden Gate College have started to collect some funds for the Mijar Village Children in collaboration with Nickels For Nepal. The students are doing this as a community service project.

The students have collected funds and next week Nawaraj Baskota, Kavya School will provide the school supplies to the Mijar Village Children in the presence of the representative from the Nepal Ministry of Education, District Education Office and some leaders of various political parties.

Volunteers students have collected about 20000 RS. Nepali rupees $ 200 and something...All students were from Kavya school.


Binod Gaire at Kavya School Sports Event

 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  Nickels For Nepal Foundation provides

 a scholarship to support for Binod to

 attend Kavya.

April 27, 2014
During our visit to Nepal and the Mijar Village we have provided two scholarships for students to attend Kavya School in Kathmandu. In addition, we have provided 85 uniforms for the Mijar Village children to enable them to attend school. W...e continue to provide school supplies and teacher resources. Our next big project that we need help with is providing sanitation for the school. The villagers will provide labor to build a stone and mud building with three toilets with running water from a nearby water pipe. The toilets will be used by the teachers and students. Nickels For Nepal will raise funds to provide the toilets, pipe, and materials. This project is estimated to cost $3,000.00. Scholarships for students to attend Kavya School in Kathmandu cost $900.00 each and uniforms for the Mijar Village children are $20.00 each delivered to the school.
Please help us meet our objectives by donating on line at
www.nickelsfornepal.com or send a check to Nickels For Nepal 2100 Ashley Lane, Hixson, TN 37343
Thank you, Chris Hockert Chairman of the Board Nickels For Nepal
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Memories for 2016 visit to Disabled School in Attariya

Disabled School in Attariya, Nepal Click to view short video.